The “Karen’s Kids” fund provides resources to children in need at Arongen Elementary School in the Shenendehowa School District.

Newsleter December 2014

2014 Newsletter December 2014

It has been a very rewarding 2014 for Karen’s Kids, Arongen Elementary and the community. Thanks to all of our supporters, we continue to build community spirit and provide for children who need a little extra help.

3rd Annual Golf Tournament – raised $16,725 this year! We were able to avoid the rain completely and had a memorable day at Eagle Crest on July 28. Karen’s Kids partnered with the Arongen PTA to raise money for a new playground at the school. Our joint efforts resulted in our biggest tournament yet with 114 golfers, 36 sponsors and 50 raffle prizes.

Jonesville Volunteer Fire Department & Waterford Rescue Squad – donated $577.27 representing the proceeds from their October breast cancer awareness T-shirt sales. This was a wonderful gesture by our community volunteers who serve us every day.

Arongen Community Ziti Dinner – Karen’s Kids helped the Arongen PTA with planning, resources and serving at this community-building event held on March 28. It was great to see the many students and their families coming together to enjoy fine food, music and conversation.

Here’s how Arongen is helping children using Karen’s Kids funds:

    • Musical instruments, clothing, school supplies, snacks and lunches are again being provided this school year using Karen’s Kids funds.

    Karen Field Kindness Award & Karen’s Kids Display – Karen’s Kids presented the first annual Karen Field Kindness Award in June which will be given every year to an Arongen student who demonstrates exceptional kindness, generosity and grace serving others. The 2014 recipient is Mirabel Brunell who for two years asked for donations from her friends on her birthday in lieu of presents. She then gave the money she received to Karen’s Kids. A plaque commemorating her kindness is in a new display case at Arongen.

    Stay up to date! - More information about how Karen’s Kids is working in the community, our fundraising efforts, future dates for the golf tournament, photos and updates can be found on the Karen’s Kids web site at Also visit Karen’s Kids on Facebook to see the most recent news, photos and updates. And please contact us if you have any ideas for fundraising or ways we can positively impact the community.

    If you would like to donate – please make your check or money order payable to “Karen’s Kids” and send it to Arongen Elementary, 489 Clifton Park Center Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065. Attention: Principal Benjamin Roberts.

    Karen’s spirit and kindness continue to be felt by all of us as we seek to help those children less fortunate in a gracious and dignified way. All of you have been a very big part of it.

    Thank you.

    Karen’s Kids
    8 Baldwin Court
    Clifton Park, NY 12065