The “Karen’s Kids” fund provides resources to children in need at Arongen Elementary School in the Shenendehowa School District.

Nov 2012

Fall Impact Update

Hi Brad,

The school year has been busy and the needs of our students seem to be getting greater. There has been a noticeable increase in families who are struggling to provide some of the basics for children and asking for assistance. How comforting to know we have Karen’s Kids to help when we need it.

So far, Karen’s Kids has helped provide school supplies and fund lunch accounts for students. We are also in the processing of purchasing supplies for children playing instruments (the cost was waived) whose families cannot afford the supplies, such as the music books and mouthpieces for the instruments. Without the supplies, they would not be able to be included in band and orchestra. A few families have already contacted me about winter coats and boots as well. In addition, we have a new family who was displaced by Hurricane Sandy. I met with the mother today and, except for a few pieces of clothing, they have nothing. With Karen’s Kids funds, we are planning to purchase some outfits, socks, underwear, shoes, school supplies and a few books and toys for the 6 year old who is now attending Arongen.

I can’t tell you enough what a wonderful resource Karen’s Kids is for the Arongen community. Thank you so much from all our families. One student who received supplies wrote a thank you note that read “Dear Arongen people…thank you for helping me get what I need so I can be like the other kids.” I think that says it all, don’t you?

Take care!

Tracy Rodriguez
Arongen School Counselor